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Beans & Brews Coffee House has been around since 1993, when the Laramie family opened shop next to Salt Lake City’s beloved hangout, Liberty Park. The family refined the process of high-altitude roasting, which results in uniquely smooth coffee with intense flavor. Beans & Brews—or “Beans,” as friends call us for short—is now a staple around Utah and its friends, Idaho and Nevada. Our guests are our reason for getting up in the morning. We love greeting regulars with their favorite drinks, made just the way they like ‘em. And we dig getting to know newcomers from all over the world and welcoming them to the Beans community. Cheers and stop by soon!

Chain coffeehouse with a distinct roasting style offering hot & frozen blended drinks.

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Address: 5608 S 900 E, Murray, UT 84121

Phone: (801) 266-3198



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Jason Harward
They put curdled milk and no ice in my ice coffee. They haven’t made a good drink in months. Just go to a different location. You’ll be better off
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Lora Rasmussen
This location has went from good to bad. They steal your money and when confronted they said they had an error and that they refunded the money. 2 weeks later and still no refund. They can’t seem to make the simplest caramel frappe either. The last 3 times we have been there they had to remake them and have an attitude with us for wanting what we paid for. Don’t waste your money at this location. There are several other locations that will not steal ur money or give you attitude when they screw up your drink!
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Cristian Franco
Literally want to give no stars. Again I tried this location and it is just terrible. Whether it’s just the person at the window today handing incorrect drinks to the Cars in front of me then to me when i got to the window. It’s ridiculous that after i ordered it took almost 15 minutes before it was my turn to pay. This location just keeps getting worse and worse.
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Krista Thome
There are so many delicious choices! Right now, I have two new favorites, Mr.B’s freeze and the avocado toast!!
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Keyboard Enthusiast
Any port in a storm… Booths full of gig economy web heads. Plentiful parking! Starbucks-like services. Good coffee. Nice place to work on your resume for your Next Big Thing. Clean restrooms! Friendly staff!
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adriana barrezueta
Either beans and brews have gone downhill or this location specifically sucks! Every time I’ve gotten coffee at this location it tastes like watery coffee and anything blended separates the second you get it, I’ve had to go down before to get my coffee remade since it was basically cold liquid instead of a blended drink. Blended drinks are now liquid at the bottom and foam on top, Yes, even if you shake it/swirl it, it doesn’t help. Went tonight and I should’ve stayed home, unsatisfied, I would’ve gone down to get it fixed but the one and only time I did at this location I got told that how blended drinks are, when I have been getting them for years….. Never going to this location again, I love the copper freeze since high school but I might have to drop it and search for an alternative. Bummer.
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Shelby Brooks
This location used to be awesome but I’m not sure what’s going on now. Extremely long wait times, wrong orders. Waiting 15 minutes for 2 iced coffees is ridiculous. I hope they get it together because they’re going downhill fast.
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Isabelle S.
My absolute least favorite coffee shop in the area. After my encounter with the girl working the drive thru this morning, I definitely won’t be back. Java Jo’s gets my business from now on!
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Felisha Avila
Beans and Brews has great coffee and the service at this one is usually great. I only gave 4 stars because they frequently close the lobby, so it isn’t always a reliable place for meeting up with people.
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Went in for a coffee and sandwich at 8 pm Saturday night , the store closes at 10 pm , but when I ordered the sandwich I was told that unfortunately the oven was off already . So I ordered and eye opener to go. Yo my surprise it was really cold . Want worth it to come back since I was already driving .
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