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Seattle’s only mobile Taiyaki artisans. Sweet & savory stuffed waffles, made-to-order.

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Jessica Pérez
Super cute and delish! The wait was a long time. Probably about 10 minutes for the waffle. The food itself was super good and really cute! This is located inside Uwajimaya. I got the custard and my friend got Nutella. I like custard a lot but would order other things every time so I could try a variety. It was SOOO good and fresh. Really cool seeing it made in front of you and not wildly expensive.
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Oh sugar sugar and Harahuku chic was yummy! I like that it also comes with the sauce on the side. It could get a bit messy and sticky though trying to eat it as the fish comes in a paper bag, make sure to ask for some napkins.
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Lindsay McCoy
Currently it seems they are a food truck but I saw construction for a location inside Uwajimaya. Was extremely excited to see a Taiyaki truck because I had never tried this type of food before. I got the フィッシュtempura fish seasoned with garlic, sea salt and sesame seeds paired with bamboo shoots and sriracha tartar sauce one. Was extremely delicious, zesty, melt in my mouth satisfying. Great flavors, fresh, savory, and very filling. Can’t wait to try more, especially the dessert ones.
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Benji Tri
This review is for the food truck (the main location isn’t open as of this writing). Good varieties of waffle sandwiches (shaped like fish!) in both sweet and savory, from ingredients like cinnamon, sugar or fruit pebbles, to ham and cheese. Great staff, fast service.
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Kyle Kyla
The food was fantastic! I got the strawberry and Nutella, I think it’s called the princess Ichigo? Delicious. I can’t wait to come back whenever I return to Seattle.
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Justin Chan
This for the location within Uwajimaya. Excellent taiyaki is hard to make and even harder to find – Beanfish is almost, but just barely missing 5 stars. Unfortunately it was not crispy; because taiyaki filling tends to be soft, a crispy exterior provides the required texture contrast. This was by all means a good taiyaki, the filling is generous and their selection is pretty wild (Harajuku chic with fruity pebbles and a side of condensed milk, what a combo), the taiyaki batter is authentic and comes to you hot – if only it was crispy.
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Kira L’Heureux
Had the minis stuffed with Nutella and strawberries & some with vanilla custard – YUM! Service was quick and everyone was friendly even on a very very busy Saturday. Powdered sugar made it messy but WORTH IT.
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Hoang Chau
I’d strongly recommend this place. It has variety options. You could choose between sweet or savory or both. I’d come back here trying others. It is best to served when it’s hot. A heads-up that it is made to order so it could take a bit longer if there’s many orders ahead of you. There’s a see-through window that you could watch your order being made.
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Gen Man
Good variety of taiyaki! They also have these cute little original taiyakis. I will definitely come back when I’m around the area! They also told us some info about eating taiyaki and how it is if you eat it from the head, the tail, and the middle. Nice customer service!
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Gem Samarasinghe
This place is horrible. The business owner is an unfair man who only cares about money. One tiny waffle can go for $10+ and we all know it does not cost that much to produce. Also the quality is not great. Your being ripped off considering the price for the size. The biggest problem I have is the he company ethic. Brady, the owner is a man who takes advantage of his employees and I would personally never support a business like that. You shouldn’t either.
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