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Address: 2316 Lake Ave, Ashtabula, OH 44004

Phone: (440) 997-0791


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Albino’s Meats & Catering – 2316 Lake Ave, Ashtabula, OH

Albino’s Meats & Catering · 2316 Lake Ave. Ashtabula, OH 44004. Directions · (440) 997-0791. Call Now · More Info. Hours.

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Eric Parks
A very nice store, well-stocked with all manner of quality victuals. They even had Trail Bologna (we called it Ring Bologna growing up in Jersey). I haven’t had any in years and it tasted just as delicious as I remembered. I also bought some really good chicken salad and very soft, substantive brat rolls – devoured by family members in a flash. They’re a deli and butcher shop. Prices seemed very reasonable.They have some good looking, ready-made sandwiches if you’re on the go. Also, there were these giant chocolate chip cookies that I’m wishing I would have bought. No worries, since I’ll be back this summer to get more Trail Bologna. I’ll get the cookies then.The service was quick and friendly. I highly recommend that you stop by.
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Elena Casias
Unfortunately I have only been to Albino’s three times and twice I purchased a sub and soup and I hate to have to say this but their Italian wedding soup was absolutely terrible! It tasted sour and bitter and had a load of different green seasonings which were not good! I’ve had Italian wedding soup from multiple restaurants in my life and also had canned soup and all were much better than theirs…I was actually very disappointed bc I was very hungry and looked forward to getting home and digging in which made the experience that mush worse! Also, the Italian sub was not very flavorful at all, I even added some of my own Italian dressing to it at home and it still wasn’t much better. I literally threw the rest of it away along with the two pints of Italian wedding soup I bought! But when I’ve purchased new York strip steak that was marinated and a couple different pastries I was satisfied. But some cookies I bought were rock hard and I was not happy with them either. I even tried dunking them in milk and they did not soften at all! I probably won’t waste my money there again bc it seems that each time I try something that I’m excited about turns out to be terrible. I want to try their meatballs and lasagna bc they seem safe to try and should be good but that was my rational when buying the soup…so if they can screw that up, I’m not taking any more chances! Sorry. Just being honest.
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kimberly Finlaw
The people at Albino’s are wonderful to deal with. They are very informative on their products and if you are after something special all you have to do is call and 9 times out of 10 they will have it that day. If you want a large special order it may take them a day but the meat is fresh and has plenty of flavor. I only buy my meats form them now as their prices are as good if not better then any other place.
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Teresa Jennis
My husband asked about price discrepancies on the soups and the clerk said we don’t price our items. So basically called him a liar. Once she actually looked, she called the owner out and he was rude to them and said to take all the prices away. My husband said, so the price of this soup is what was on the sign and guy was extremely rude and yelled that he could have it for that price. It was a $1.00 different than the other soups he bought. He said to the guy I am spending over 140.00 on meats and soups and you are upset over a 1.00 that you guys put on sign. Not a nice person at all. My daughter in law was so upset she laid down all the sandwiches she was going to buy and walked out. You can bet my husband will not be back.
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Bart Horvath
High quality meats and deli foods with some of the best prices in town!The staff bends over backwards to please the customers. I feel compelled to respond to the woman , ” humiliated ” because, first; the owner is not named Anthony and second; I weekly order 2 ponds at a time of paper thin sliced swiss cheese and the girls go to great lengths to make sure it is right.
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Barbara G
Very good ethnic Italian deli – bakery to meat including faves like meatballs and braciole, to makings for wedding soup. Small but great frozen section
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Jeff Noss
Would avoid the sandwich meats, unless you want every slice as thick a slice of bologna. Asked for chip chop ham as thin as they could without shaving it, guess that means bologna slice or they are just lazy.
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Worst swiss cheese ever dark yellow very hard and crusty will never go back to that store ,if u want good cheese go to Middlefield.
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I was embarrassed and humiliated because I asked for thin sliced cheese. She was a new girl who kept asking question from the other girl..which was fine. But she didn’t show me a slice until she was done and it was very wrong. The owner “Anthony ” yelled and blustered at both of us. Never going back.
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Katie Hollins
All my guest complimented on how GREAT all the food was. Nice customer service , with good prices and GREAT food. Will definitely use Albino’s again.
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